07/01/2001: The BlueOS project is born

08/05/2001: FAQ has been updated

08/16/2001: Palm Acquires Assets and Hires Key Talent From Be

08/18/2001: FAQ updated

08/22/2001: mailing list opened and member section updated

09/02/2001: perforce server online

09/11/2001: a first version available on the member section

10/25/2001: interview on OSNews

11/02/2001: cvs server online

11/10/2001: a nice screenshot by Frans of our (working) UI classes running on the original app_server

11/15/2001: a first (and very lite) version of the app_server available on the CVS server

02/27/2002: Our apologies for these 3 months of silence, a new website and a complete status will appear soon. We are very busy, we are coding. If you want more update, just help us, we always need developpers! Results start to be very interesting, you can look at this first screenshot, and conclude what you want (but not that we are coding a BeOS skin for Gnome, even if we are developing under X11... see this second screenshot). Just wait the new website to know more.....
We would like to remind you that we truly believe that we will (and need to) rewrite what is not good on Linux (UI, Media...) and improve things by adding the support of BeOS things like it's API and functionalities (FS, Media ...). Be patient.